The Warriors

Twenty years of combat has created a generation of injured and disabled service men and women. These warriors return home with a whole new challenge—adapting their life to their new normal. While modifications are made for their survival and everyday life, many are unable to participate in activities and events they previously enjoyed.

Syracuse University published a study (Rosalina Maury, “The Impact of Sport and Physical Activity on the Well-Being of Combat Veterans: A Systematic Review,” Psychology of Sport and Exercise (2014); 15(1), 9-18) that found, “After participating in sports and physical activity, combat veterans reported a renewed sense of determination and inner strength, increased quality of life, and cultivation of a positive self-identity.”

Many service members enjoyed the thrill of off-road motorsports, shooting sports and outdoor hobbies prior to their injuries. With the financial assistance of sponsors, private donors and the fundraising events Torn Warriors intends to make these activities a part of their new normal.